SEP Weekend 2015

Dear SEP Incomings,

Registrations for SEP Weekend 2015 are now open!

Please find attached the Program of the activity, the Terms and Conditions and a Paypal Guide (if you wish to use this platform to process with the payment, you are welcome to do so, without paying any transfer fees!).

The prices to participate in this activity are the following:

  • 1st Registration Period: 18th to 25th of June 2015 23:59 GMT – Fee: 58€
  • 2nd Registration Period: 26th of June to 2nd of July 2015 23:59 GMT– Fee: 65€

To register, please use the following link and provide the required information.

You can pay either bank bank transfer or Paypal transfer (carefully analyse the guidelines provided). After registering, you have 72h to make the payment. To confirm the payment, you have to send a printscreen of the confirmation (using paypal) or a scan of the confirmation of transfer (bank transfer) and send it to and

Bank account information:

  • NIB: 0035 0368 0000 2566 5301 7
  • IBAN: PT50 0035 0368 00002566530 17

Portuguese participants are also able to attend the event by choosing one of three options:

  1. With accommodation: 58€ 
  2. Without accommodation (surf class+1st day dinner+disco): 30€
  3. Without accomodation (surf class+disco): 15€

Registrations for Portuguese participants will start on the 1st of July.

Join for an amazing weekend at the beach, with traditional Portuguese food, surf lessons, good mood and awesome parties! The available spots are limited, so don’t miss your chance to participate!

We are waiting for you.

For more information, please contact us on